Getting invoices paid on time is vital for cash flow in your business. This is why business owners in WA use Eye on Books to follow up debts on their behalf. We take care of your debtor follow ups, by establishing a regular debtor follow up schedule. This gives you the time and peace of mind to focus on building good relationships with existing clients, and new ones, which in turn grows your business further.

All the while, we’re in the background making sure your cash flow remains strong.

Benefits of debtor follow up

  • The person who follows up on bad debts is often viewed as the ‘bad guy’. We take this role on for you and conduct ourselves in a highly professional way.
  • Regular debtor follow ups improve cash flow within a business, so you can pay wages, overheads and take care of other costs.
  • Studies show that invoices not paid within 90-days have a higher likelihood of not being paid at all. Regular debtor follow up reduces the chances of invoices remaining unpaid.
  • We are not debt collectors, but fit seamlessly into your workflow by following up outstanding debts on a regular basis.
  • Your debtor follow up service is located here in WA. We don’t outsource and all services are performed by full-time employees of Eye on Books.
  • Our staff are trained to follow up respectfully and professionally, so you retain goodwill with your clients.
  • Our debtor follow up service is costed on an hourly basis, making it very affordable.

Why do I need debtor follow up?

Every business needs money to survive.

Despite this, chasing up bad debts is often at the end of a business owner’s ‘to-do’ list, which in turn affects cash flow and business performance. This is understandable, as contacting clients about overdue debts can be uncomfortable for even the most seasoned business professional.

Eye on Books takes care of this hassle for you, by respectfully contacting your debtors, and requesting payment from them.

Debtor follow ups are also popular with business owners who want to retain positive relationships with their clients, while keeping consistent cash flow. 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to maintain goodwill when you also need to contact clients about outstanding debts. This situation can strain even the most solid business relationship, which is why many business owners prefer to outsource debtor follow ups to our professional team. 

For professional debtor follow ups, contact Eye on Books.