If you need to take payments from customers on the road, or at your premises, we will assist you with setting up a Point of Sale (POS) system in Perth. 


What are POS Systems?

POS systems include cash registers, mobile Eftpos machines or any device used to complete a transaction. The type of POS system you need will depend on your industry, as well as your specific requirements. 

Eye on Books are registered partners with leading POS providers, Vend and Kounta.


Finding a POS System for my business

Cash registers are no longer clunky, difficult to program machines. Today, there are many highly effective POS systems that are easy to function, and capable of boosting efficiencies within your business. 

Depending on your requirements, we will set up a POS system that:

  • Links to your existing accounting software, so you can remotely review current day sales from any location.
  • Generates reports that shed light on how your business is tracking.
  • Record stock and component parts with inventory accounting software.
  • Integrates with your online shop or eCommerce website.


Mobile Eftpos Setup

Mobile Eftpos machines make it easier than ever for tradespeople and other businesses who require accessible payment solutions. We will set you up with a system that is easy to use and works seamlessly with your business.


Inventory Accounting

Do you hold stock at your business? Do you need to know how many items are on the shelf or in the storeroom? Inventory accounting software takes the stress and hassle out of handling stock.

We will also recommend an inventory accounting software that links in with your POS system, so you have an accurate record of what’s in stock at all times.


Do you deal with component parts?

If you deal regularly with component parts we will recommend inventory accounting software that tracks and records each item. This is especially useful for trades people, factories and other businesses that use assembly lines or manufacture items from component parts.

For inventory accounting and POS systems in Perth, contact Eye on Books.