Eye on Books has been official MYOB Professional Partners for the past 8 years. Our bookkeepers are experts in every version of the software, and will support you with all of your MYOB requirements.


How we Help

  • MYOB set up, so tax classifications align with your ATO obligations.
  • Train individuals and groups how to use MYOB, so your employees operate the program effectively.
  • Troubleshoot issues you may be having with your MYOB software.
  • Ensure MYOB is working for you on the cloud or on your desktop.
  • Re-sell MYOB products, so you have the most recent version available.
  • Assist you with switching from MYOB to another accounting software.
  • Reconcile accounts and handle your bookkeeping offsite at our office,through your MYOB system.


Why Choose Us

  • We don’t believe in outsourcing our services, which means you benefit from a highly trained team of bookkeepers located right here in Perth.
  • You receive the expertise of a qualified CFO at a far lower annual cost.
  • We will tailor our services to the unique needs of your business, and have worked with businesses from many different sectors.
  • We work very well with accountants, which makes life easier for our clients.
  • We will set up other systems for your business, such as POS systems and inventory accounting software that links in with your MYOB accounting program.

For more information on how we help businesses with MYOB, contact Eye on Books.