Tradesman in business face a very unique set of challenges. Asking for payment from a customer on the job, managing the work load of multiple contractors or employees and tracking materials, down to the nuts and bolts, are just a few of the issues our clients tell us about.

We have found that a number of simple bookkeeping solutions make running a business in the trades-sector far more time and cost-efficient.

These solutions include:

  • Taking payments on a job – we will set you up with a mobile Point of Sale system , that allows your team to easily take payments via Eftpos.
  • Tracking money – get set up with software that allows tracks how much you are making per project, so you improve efficiencies and profitability.
  • Managing payroll – we take care of your payroll, so leave requests, super and other obligations are met.
  • Tracking materials – Inventory Accounting software, which tracks materials, including component parts (on assembly lines etc).

Benefits of Bookkeeping for Tradies

  • Accounting systems and software are fully integrated. For example, when a sale or purchase occurs, your accounting system will be automatically updated with this new data.
  • We are the second largest Xero bookkeeper in Australia and were awarded Xero Bookkeeper of the Year in 2013.
  • Enables you to track profitability of specific jobs and adapt your pricing and procedures, if required.
  • We assist you with understanding reporting data, if you need support with this.
  • You get on with managing your business, while we take care of the payroll, BAS and any other tax obligations you have.
  • We work with your accountant, to make their job easier. In many cases, this reduces your accounting costs.
  • You get the expertise of a fully qualified CFO and bookkeeping team at a fraction of the price.
  • Greater efficiencies tend to be created almost immediately when project management software is implemented.
  • Our team is located in Stirling, close to Perth CBD and industrial areas such as Osborne Park, Wangara and Malaga.
  • Pricing can be adjusted to suit your budget.
  • Services will be tailored to your unique requirements.

For more information on bookkeeping for tradies,contact Eye on Books.