Dealing with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is stressful for many business owners. As registered BAS agents, we will liaise with the ATO on your behalf.

We work offsite, at our office on Cedric Street in Stirling. So you have the benefit of a full-service bookkeeping firm, minus the usual high costs. Our bookkeepers are also able to come to your location, if you prefer this.

Custom BAS for your business

Tax and BAS services can be easily customised to the unique needs of your business. 

For example, many of our clients ask us to manage their BAS on a monthly or quarterly basis, while they continue to take care of their own accounts. That way you know your BAS has been correctly lodged with the ATO, and can continue operating the other facets of your business with peace of mind.

Meeting ATO deadlines

Business owners often need to submit many different kinds of lodgements to the ATO. This means you may have multiple lodgement deadlines that need to be met throughout the year.

Unfortunately, when ATO deadlines are missed, fines often follow.

Eye on Books establishes an ATO deadline schedule for your business, which means you’re never late, and don’t risk hefty penalties. We take care to ensure your business documentation is lodged correctly, and on time, so you can get on with doing what you do best – working in your business.


Benefits of BAS and tax agent services

Organising extensions with ATO

  • In many cases we can secure a 4-week extension on your BAS lodgment.
  • We also negotiate ATO payment schedules, if you have an existing BAS debt.


Your point of contact with the ATO

  • We understand the terminology used by the ATO, which allows us to liaise effectively on your behalf.
  • The tax office will contact us before getting in touch with you. We often answer their questions or resolve issues without having to involve you.
  • Received a fine for late lodgement? We have an excellent track record getting these kind of debts wiped for our clients, by speaking with the ATO directly.


Payroll support

  • Businesses who reach a certain payroll size are required to remit tax withheld from wages to the tax office on a monthly basis. We handle this obligation for you.


Tailored solutions

  • As your business grows, our services grow too. This means we will tailor our tax agent services to your requirements.


Full BAS-service or custom support



Diverse experience

  • We have worked with businesses all over Perth from a range of industries. And we have a qualified team of bookkeepers ready to assist you.
  • Our team is based in Perth, Western Australia.
  • This means we will meet with you to discuss your requirements in person and even provide training , if this is required.
  • We don’t outsource and full-time employees complete all work.


How it works

  • We organise your BAS and ensure it complies with ATO requirements.
  • If you are doing your own BAS but want us to review it, we will review your accounts and make minor adjustments, if they are required.
  • We lodge your BAS electronically with the ATO and email you a copy for your records.
  • This process is repeated every 3-months or every month, depending on the size of your payroll.
  • Your business is put on our checklist, so you never miss a lodgement.
  • We also review your payroll to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Contact our BAS agents to find out more about our tax and BAS services.