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New Xero Dashboard & Placeholders on Sales Invoices released

Posted by: Eye on Books on 15 Dec 2014 | 0 Comments
Perth Bookeeper Eye on Books explains the new Xero Dashboard and how to customise it. Placeholders on Sales invoices are also explained via video.

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Customise the Xero Dashboard and other updates to Xero in December

This is the month of giving!  Xero has released another major update today to it's accounting software, and Eye on Books your leading bookkeeper lets you know what to look out for. We've explained the changes in depth with instructions on how to setup  in a handy video below, otherwise read on for a summary only.

New Xero Dashboard Screen

If you've logged in to Xero you will have seen one of the biggest changes to the Xero dashboard in years.  Apart from a refresh in it's look, there's some functionality change as well with the addition of a CASH IN & OUT summary chart. You now have the ability to move objects around into an order that suits you better and hide other aspects of the dashboard that you may never use. This is a feature we've been asking Xero for over the past 4 years and we're glad they've listened.  This is actually just the first step in Xero's plan to give business owners better insight into how their business is performing, which they're calling Business Insights.  Expect more changes to come over the next 6 months with even more functionality!

Placeholders on Sales Repeating Invoices

Another anticipated feature release, is the ability to put placeholders in repeating sales invoices.  Usually repeating invoices are used for regular invoices to clients.  The most common is a monthly invoice for services, BUT in years gone by the description would be the same on every single invoice, and hence the description needed to be something generic like Bookkeeping for this month. Now with this new release, we can insert what Xero calls "placeholders", which are really just mail merge fields, into the text in the description so the placeholder will be a dynamic line of text depending on the date of the invoice.  Essentially turning Bookkeeping for this {month} into Bookkeeping for December making you look a lot more professional in your invoices. As always if you need a hand in using Xero, go to the Contact Us page to find out how we at Eye on Books can make your business life easier!


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