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Public Holidays in Xero Payroll Explained

Posted by: Eye on Books on 9 Dec 2014 | 1 Comment
Xero Bookkeeper Eye on Books explains how public holidays in Xero Payroll works. A new feature released recently.

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Xero automatically deducts public holidays from leave applications

Xero has today released a new feature in Xero payroll which will automatically deduct public holidays from any employee leave applications.  This means you can add a staff leave application, and not have to worry if there's any public holidays in that application, because Xero will automatically take those hours out. Xero payroll evens tracks different public holidays across different states in Australia, which is fantastic. To make sense of it all, our director Charles Klvana explains in a short video below how to:

  • Setup public holidays in Xero Payroll
  • Add new public holidays
  • How the public holiday feature actually works
  • Things to look out for

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