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6 Reasons Kim Kardashian Would Not Be a Good Bookkeeper

Posted by: Eye on Books on 12 Oct 2018 | 0 Comments
What makes a good business bookkeeper? Kim Kardashian runs successful businesses, but would she make a good bookkeeper? Here's 6 reasons why we think she's NOT your best choice for your business bookkeeping.

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She's a model, a mom, a selfie-star, a business owner, and a reality TV icon. Kim Kardashian makes it seem like it's easy to have it all—is there anything she can't do?

Yes, the answer is yes.

For example, though we're hesitant to throw shade at one of the icons (for better or for worse) of this generation, we know for a fact that Kim would not make the best bookkeeper. In fact, it takes a pretty unique set of skills to successfully guide a business in reconciling accounts, payroll, and reporting. And we're not sure Kim makes the cut.


1. A good bookkeeper is computer savvy

"I love my big computer, but I can't even tell you the last time I sat in front of it."

Yep, that's a real Kim Kardashian quote. 

It goes without saying, but that is not the sort of sentiment you want to hear from your bookkeeper.

Not only is your ideal bookkeeper comfortable with figures (and not the sort emphasised in bathing suits), but they need to exhibit ease around computers. Frankly, they're going to be sitting in front of them a lot more frequently than Kim Kardashian, so you don't want a bookkeeper who fumbles with low-level computer processes. When looking for a bookkeeper, don't settle for one that seems to lack basic computer-savvy skills and looks with curiosity at a keyboard.

2. A good bookkeeper is a software master

Regardless of how smoothly Kim can make an Insta-story unfold, you probably won't see her dabbling in cloud-based accounting software for kicks.

You need a bookkeeper who can keep up to date on all the latest software technology. Year by year, software technologies improve exponentially, offering sleeker solutions for things like lodging BAS and meeting ATO compliance obligations. You want your bookkeeper to be proficient in software like MYOB, Xero, Chaser, and Workflowmax (Instagram is optional).

These software solutions streamline aspects of keeping accounts, but still require experienced users to make sure they're being utilised correctly. Your bookkeeper should have an intimate familiarity with these systems—and be able to convey that familiarity to you.


man in business suit looking at paperwork

3. Good bookkeepers are great communicators.

Remember that time Kim and Kourtney settled their dispute super amicably in the first five minutes of an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the rest of the episode went smoothly? No, we don't either.

You don't have time for a bookkeeper who doesn't know how to communicate with you and your staff. They should be comfortable asking questions. They should be comfortable suggesting more efficient protocols.  Also, in the case of an audit, bookkeepers need to be able to communicate not only with you, but with auditors, in a clear and concise manner.

4. Good bookkeepers are qualified and experienced

Kim Kardashian was able to build a multi-million dollar lifestyle for herself without a college education, but that's definitely not going to fly for a bookkeeper.

First of all, you want to make sure that your bookkeeper has had training or accreditation in their field. If you're trusting your payroll to someone, make sure they have the formal training to make the right decisions for your business. Because there's a lot that goes into bookkeeping: invoice processing, preparing financial statements, managing your accounts payable and receivable, and so much more. Your bookkeeper needs formal training in these areas.

Your bookkeeper should be a certified Business Activity Statements (BAS) agent. In order to qualify to be a BAS agent, bookkeepers need to have their Tax Service qualifications checked and tested, so you'll know you're working with a qualified individual.  You can check their registration status here.

5. Good bookkeepers set you up for success

Despite her sisters finding some fame, Kim Kardashian is without a doubt the main attraction in the Kardashian family.

You want to partner with a bookkeeping team that won't make it all about them: they should be able to set you up for the long term with a solution that will keep you going. With clear communication and a constant and open exchange of information, you and your bookkeeper should work as a team. You need to tell them how you want your business to run, and they need to offer you advice on how to optimise.

6. Good bookkeepers are trustworthy

This one goes without saying, but your bookkeeper needs to be a trustworthy individual with whom you feel comfortable sharing your financial information. With fraud on the rise in Australia, it's important that you're employing people who will help you project the trustworthiness you expect from your business. A good bookkeeper keeps meticulous records, reconciles accounts honestly, and makes sure your employees are paid fairly and on time.

We actually have to side with Kim on this one, and tell you that if your bookkeeper is at all shady or sus, you're not going to have the peace of mind you deserve. 


One thing bookkeepers and Kim Kardashian have in common? Confidence.

A good bookkeeper is confident, experienced, and ready to learn new things while perfecting their knowledge of time-honoured processes. And it's not just a matter of attitude: a great bookkeeper has years of training, certification, experience, and comfort with bookkeeping software.

If you want to get in touch with a company that has as much expertise in bookkeeping as Kim has in smokey eye colour palettes, contact us at Eye on Books today.  



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