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8 Reasons Why Bookkeeping is Important for Startup Businesses

Posted by: Eye on Books on 7/04/2021 | 4 Comments
Startups are exciting times, but proper bookkeeping will provide a solid foundation for future growth & success
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Is it time to bump up prices for your hospitality business?

Posted by: Eye on Books on 26/03/2021 | 1 Comment
Those of you who run a restaurant or a company in the hospitality industry know just how tough it is to improve your business earnings. In the middle of all the chaos that comes with keeping up with your competitors, sometimes it's hard enough just to keep up with the daily operations. Who has time to pore over pages of financial data and analyse your exact weak points? How do you know which aspect of your business to work on to get the best results?
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Commercial lease code of conduct during covid-19

Posted by: Eye on Books on 8/04/2020 | 0 Comments
A new code of conduct for commercial landlords is designed to help business tenants affected by the CoronaVirus COVID-19
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The 4 Biggest Trends in Startups We've Seen This Year

Posted by: Eye on Books on 6/02/2020 | 0 Comments
Startup businesses are often the leading edge of new business trends. Let's have a look at what the newest 2020 startup business trends are so far.
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How to Improve Your Small Business's Cash Flow

Posted by: Eye on Books on 6/11/2018 | 0 Comments
Cash flow is the total change in your company's cash position from one month to the next. By careful planning you can ensure you always have enough cash to meet your commitments.
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5 Top Benefits Of Hiring Bookkeeping Services For Your Small Business

Posted by: Eye on Books on 16/10/2018 | 11 Comments
Take charge of your business, be in control and use your strengths by engaging a professional bookkeeper
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6 Reasons Kim Kardashian Would Not Be a Good Bookkeeper

Posted by: Eye on Books on 12/10/2018 | 0 Comments
What makes a good business bookkeeper? Kim Kardashian runs successful businesses, but would she make a good bookkeeper? Here's 6 reasons why we think she's NOT your best choice for your business bookkeeping.
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Darth Vader's guide to paying staff: The force of the payroll

Posted by: Eye on Books on 19/07/2018 | 0 Comments
How well does Darth Vader handle payroll for the Death Star? What lessons can you learn from him about payroll?
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