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Eye on Books Presents: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Bookkeeping

Posted by: Eye on Books on 10/09/2018 | 0 Comments
What's with this bookkeeping jargon you come across as a business owner?  Want to know what you're talking about? Save this handy cheat sheet to know what's what!
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Xero Two-Step Authentication

Posted by: Eye on Books on 9/09/2018 | 0 Comments
Starting Mid-September 2018, Xero will require all payroll admin users to setup two-step authentication providing an additional layer of security.
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Darth Vader's guide to paying staff: The force of the payroll

Posted by: Eye on Books on 19/07/2018 | 0 Comments
How well does Darth Vader handle payroll for the Death Star? What lessons can you learn from him about payroll?
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The Biggest Problems With Small Business Bookkeeping, And How To Fix Them

Posted by: Eye on Books on 21/05/2018 | 3 Comments
Bookkeeping is vital to your business, what are you doing wrong?
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Single Touch Payroll: A Brief Overview

Posted by: Eye on Books on 17/05/2018 | 0 Comments
Single Touch Payroll is coming to all Australian small business payroll from 1 July.
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Is Single Touch Payroll going to affect your business

Posted by: Eye on Books on 11/04/2018 | 3 Comments
Now is the time to prepare your office for Single Touch Payroll
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Single Touch Payroll Summary

Posted by: Eye on Books on 13/03/2018 | 1 Comment
Single Touch Payroll - What is it?
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Importance of retail accounting software for your business

Posted by: Eye on Books on 24/01/2018 | 7 Comments
There's so much you need to consider when running you own retail business. By having a decent accounting software installed in your systems you will make life a whole lot easier for yourself. Staff salaries, GST and inventory will all be managed by this software. Here’s how you can maximize the use of an accounting software.
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